animals characteristically having a stomach divided into four compartments and chewing a cud consisting of regurgitated, partially digested food.

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  • RUMINANTS — Les Ruminants sont caractérisés, parmi les autres Ongulés paraxoniens [cf. ONGULÉS], par la physiologie très particulière de leur nutrition, à laquelle ils doivent leur nom. La grande efficacité de ce système d’alimentation leur a probablement… …   Encyclopédie Universelle

  • Ruminants — Rumination Système digestif d un ruminant (vache). m. œsophage, v. rumen ou panse, n. réticulum ou réseau, b. omasum ou feuillet, l. abomasum ou caillette, t. début des intestins. Les ruminants sont des animaux herbivores qui sont capables de… …   Wikipédia en Français

  • ruminants — ru·mi·nant || ruːmɪnÉ™nt n. animal which regurgitates food and re chews it, animal which chews the cud adj. cud chewing, characterized by regurgitation and re chewing of food (about animals); meditative, contemplative …   English contemporary dictionary

  • Ruminants Search —    Ruminants are animals with four chambered stomachs, consisting of the rumen, reticulum,omasum and abomasum. All the chambers are needed to process the large amount of low nutrient food eaten. This type of stomach also minimizes exposure to… …   Hunting glossary

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  • facial eczema of ruminants — a type of hepatogenous photosensitization in ruminants, particularly in New Zealand, due to ingestion of grass or grain contaminated with the mold Pithomyces chartarum, which contains sporidesmin; it is often accompanied by hepatitis or biliary… …   Medical dictionary

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  • peste-des-petits-ruminants virus — a virus of the genus Morbillivirus that causes peste des petits ruminants …   Medical dictionary

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